Golden gate is a community of squatters located in the 7 mile are of Detroit. Many of you know probably heard of Eimenem’s “8 mile”. (btw Eimenem is from Detroit). 8 mile signifies the radius around the downtown of Detroit. The area within the 8 mile radius is pretty ran down and pour. Most of the well to do people live in the suburbs of Detroit.

There are a lot of drug dillers and abandoned houses in the area of Golden gate. Crime is also quite high.

A couple of years ago some people started squatting houses in this area and a lot of alternative people and those with no other place to go started to come together.

Bob and his wife are running a cafe and a healing center on the corner of Goldengate and Woodward. This is also a place where some people work in a cafe and generally treat it as a neighborhood community center. Bob also manages local conflicts and sometimes people come to him for advise or help. (images from the cafe in the next posts)